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Japanese Art prints- Ukiyo-e

Saturday, January 26th, 2013


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Japanese Art prints- Ukiyo-e
The Japanese prints of art of the Ukiyo-e have its popularity reached throughout the Western world. Ukiyo-e has a literal meaning of “pictures of the floating world.”
The pictures from this Japanese art prints have its concepts taken from the thinking of the Buddhists that says joy is just passing in one’s life and in order to be truly enlightened one must let go of all the desires he have.
The abbreviation of which is taken from this Buddhist ideology making it go as if joy is just transient, then one must have to enjoy it to the fullest while its there.
Joyful scenes were then seen on the Ukiyo-e. On the 17 century, wood blocks were then carved with these images and the exposed wood parts due to carving were covered in ink. The woodblock, with the ink, is then used to press on paper. As the ink transfers into the paper thus comes the creation of the Japanese art prints.
The origination of the Ukiyo-e is actually in Tokyo, in the Edo region, at a time where shoguns. At that era, Japanese were suffering isolation to the whole world due under the policy mandated by Sakoku. (Sakoku means secluded or closed country).
During the Sakoku times, still in 1853, one of the American commanders came to negotiate with Japan’s government bearing the name of the United States of America. At his visit was a time also of the popularity of the Ukiyo-e. There were many prints sold on the streets of Japan, the American commander along with his crew brought a number of this contemporary artworks from Japan and went back to America with them. This has marked an exposure of the Japanese artwork to the rest of the world. The Ukiyo-e has it popularity evaded the western countries and later on the whole world.
At first Ukiyo-e were only produced in black and white prints. But as the art developed, colors were then utilized to enhance the Japanese art prints.
The subject matter of Ukiyo-e was usually portraits of kabuki actors, theatre scenes, lovers, famed courtesans, and landscape scenes from Japan’s history and lore. The first prints were produced in black and white.
Suzuki Harunobu and Okomura Masanobu were the first of the artists to have used different colors in the creation of Ukiyo-e. They have to use different woodblock for every color used.
The subjects on Ukiyo-e were usually images from the kabuki actors, lovers, theatre scenes, Japanese sceneries and famed courtesans.
Today these Japanese art prints are used to decorate various pieces displayed as home decors to bring in Japanese essence.

Japan’s Art of Animation

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013



Japan’s Art of Animation
Japanese animation has been a widely known modern art from Japan. Anime, derived from animation is Japan’s creative way of creating movies and TV series with the utilization of artistic drawings brought to life by computer technology.
Japan’s anime is very distinctive compare to the animation by other countries. Japanese would always have this unique artistry that makes their anime stand out among others. The very impressive hair colors and hair styles, wardrobes and also the weapons or the equipments being drawn on the modern animation have captured a number of attentions from around the world. Not to mention the unique characteristics they injected to every anime character and bringing them to life.
An animation plot may vary from immature concept, designed for kids, teenage level, for young generation, and also for the matured concept that has to do sometimes with violence and other mature stuffs.
Basically, a long fight sometimes arises when people try to refer to anime as cartoons. The anime lovers do not accept it.
The original creation of animation was merely influenced by the western countries that instigated at the beginning of the 20century. The early existence of the Japanese comics or the manga also helped to influence the story line of an animated movie.
According to history, sometime around the early 13 century, existence of the animals’ picturing the afterlife were seen in the temple walls of Japan, these picture were mostly similar to what we see on the manga.
Soon after the beginning of the 16th centuries, these pictures were then drawn on wood blocks, also known as Edo, instead on walls. The images on the Edo arts were manifesting to be geographically erotic most often and are lesser to be religious.
This must mean that the explicit scenes of today’s adult animation have already existed hundreds of years before the creation on anime began.
In the 1980’s anime finally made its way to be fully recognized along the art industry of Japan, and starting then, different genre in the art of animation sprung out from Japan. These genres are drama, slice of life, tragic, mecha, science and fiction, adventure, ecchi, romance, -ai, shoujo, shounen and many more.
Today, the popularity of the Japan animation is ruling the internet. People can easily watch all episodes of their favorite anime series in various sites that offers. Though this might be good for the anime lovers, still this explicitly of some series might harm the innocent children thinking anime is good for kids. Japan’s mastery of the animation art is highly known all over the world today.

Antique Chinese Vase, What Makes It Special?

Saturday, January 5th, 2013



Antique Chinese Vase, What Makes It Special?
The antique collectors always see the value of very old items, especially when it is from the orient lands, like the antique vases from the Chinese are always considered as one of the very collectible pieces. There are various reasons for this fact.
One of which is that fact that Chinese antique vases has amazing quality. The craftsmen would need to spend years just to perfect the craft. The older the vases are the most rare they can be. This factor makes a vase very unique. Its rareness would determine a higher value.
Along with these antique vases are few pieces from the Chinese dating five hundred years ago. Some of the varieties are not listed, which makes the items very unique and appealing to the collector’s interest.
Another factor which makes an antique very popular is the mystery that lies beneath the history of the items. Antiques coming for the orient cultures are covered with vast stories of mystery. Collecting antiques from these lands makes it very fascinating.
The antique vases from china have broad list of areas to specialize, though it is very difficult to focus on one which you might opt to concentrate in your collection, it is very important that you may own a wide range of knowledge about this Chinese pieces. By this way, you may be able to develop an interest of one area to specialize.
The Chinese antique vases may vary from over two thousand years old during the Han Dynasty up to 500 years old during the Sung Dynasty. These are made up of the highest quality of porcelains making it very fragile. To have a piece from these ages are truly amazing, especially when these pieces only have the slightest scratch or chip.
These vases are usually located in tombs; some of them may have already developed greening of glaze or may possess lead. As old as these ones may in fact cost a lot of money. Plus its prices are continuing to increase given that China’s economy is upgrading.
Aside from the plain white porcelain antique vases, China also produced vases with colors having colored gaze of yellow, red, brown-purple or green. These are the most popular these are known as famille verte.
For antique vase collectors the century old pieces are the gold. If you happen to have one of these pieces, you should keep it, as the price for this porcelain antiques from China is still increasing.

Chinese Antiques As Decoration

Saturday, January 5th, 2013



Chinese Antiques As Decoration
Living in a home that is too bland or too dull is not really a good place to live in. Unless, of course, that is the kind of home that you would like to have. However, for most people, they would like a home that is aesthetically pleasing. They want a home that is not bland or dull. They want a home that can make them happy each time they look at it.
One of the things that you can use to decorate your home would be Chinese antiques. If you have a good lot of them, you can actually use these to make sure that your home looks wonderful. In fact, if you do it well, your hoome and its Chinese antiques collection may not only be wonderful but would also be the envy of your friends each time they come over.
The good thing about using Chinese antiques is that they are a wonder to look at. Just looking at the pieces themselves can really make you happy. See, these come with wonderful designs that you know is very unique in Chinese craft. It is something that you do not get to see everyday. It is only a good thing that your grandmother really loved Chinese items and that is why you now have a good collection of Chinese antiques.
Another good thing about Chinese antiques is that you can be sure that these pieces are not really just about any ordinary pieces that you would be using for your home. See, they have stood the test of time and that is why you are still able to use them. They have been in the world for ages and you cannot find another one like that in the market. Selling them would make you quite a fortune. So make sure that you use them well.
The Chinese also made sure that they did their very best when it comes to crafting these pieces. See, if you would actually take the time to go through the pieces and find out the materials that have been used, you can be sure that these pieces are made from high quality materials. These pieces are really good and those who have handled such really took the time and the effort to make them become what they are. The Chinese usually used materials like the very best type of wood as well as porcelain to make these pieces.

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Choosing Chinese Antiques For A Living

Saturday, January 5th, 2013



Choosing Chinese Antiques For A Living
Are you one of the few who adores centuries old pieces from the Chinese culture? If so, you might want to consider wanting to know how to identify antiques from not.
People that have great passion on the Chinese antiques and art are very often fascinated to the rare items because of the beautiful appearance that captures their visual senses. The different stains, style and shapes of these antiques adds up to its possession of artistic value.
It is true that it is rather exciting when you choose antique items to your home or antique furniture. This gives you an adventurous feeling, like you are travelling back to time on Chinese land, unraveling the history of the centuries old item before you.
When you are in the market, you may have various choices to consider, but I must say, you need to choose which item will bring in the most meaningful story and the most pleasing piece that will work with your soul. To choose an antique is an art, to be able to distinguish one is a gift.
You may want to consider the piece that would go more with your lifestyle and your taste preference. Chine antiques are commonly available in antique shops, but designs may rarely be found as it uniquely varies from one item to another including in furniture like the antique Chinese cabinets, the antique elm made chairs, Tibetan Furniture and also the porcelain vases and the rare statues.
The very common items seen inside a Chinese antique shop are the Benches, Stools, Desks, Beds, Shelves, Trunks, Tables, Chests and Stands.
Including the Chinese antique designs in your house interior is very captivating as it will add story and life in your home.
The Chinese antique cabinets are very important pieces ad very well known all over Africa and Europe. The Tibetan or Chinese furniture hold deep meanings, they are often very expensive, but of course are one of a kind.
Many of the collectors of the centuries old arts have these expensive antiques from the Chinese because they know very well that it will add up beauty to their whole collection and to their homes as well.
In choosing antiques, you must be very keen to observe every details of each piece. And always remember that the items made several “centuries old are gold!” at least that are what most people from the Far East believe!

The Art Of Chinese Antiques

Saturday, January 5th, 2013


The Art Of Chinese Antiques
You just love everything Asian. You have traveled all around the world and yet there is this certain lure that you only have been able to see in Asia. That is why you keep on coming back to Asia over and over again. And through all those times that you have been there, you have found that their art is something really unique. That is why you have dedicated a room in your home just for Asia.
If you really would like to have a room that has an Asian theme, then you have to make sure that you have Chinese antiques with you there. See, Chinese antiques are really good pieces because they have a very unique art and a very unique design. You can use them to further make your room better and have them around any pieces of Chinese furniture that you may have acquired.
A good thing about using Chinese antiques is that the Chinese whose hands have created the pieces are really good craftsmen. You can see that in the kind of work that they do. You would be able to notice that everything is intricate about the pieces and that each one is unique. You would also be able to see that the Chinese use a lot of bronze in their work. So if you would have a Chinese antique that is made of bronze, you would not have to really worry about it standing out from the rest of the room like a sore thumb. See, bronze really goes well with pretty much everything.
When you say Chinese antiques, it does not necessarily have to be just jars and vases and figurines. You can also find some really nice Chinese antiques that come in the form of scrolls. The Chinese really love scrolls and these scrolls are even nice to look at. If you have come across one, you would be able to appreciate the detail that they put into it. Add to that all those really wonderful paintings that they have done. You can say that the Chinese are really good craftsmen with the antiques that the world has come to know.
So it is best that you plan your room well. Make sure that you choose a good theme. You may have chosen Asia as your theme but with all the really wonderful Chinese antiques around that you can acquire, you may want to change your mind and have a Chinese room instead.