January 20th, 2014 5:30 am

The Art Of Bon Sai: Steps In Growing Bonsai Trees At Home

There are many homeowners today who have tried to find a new hobby aside from interior decorating and proper housekeeping. If you happened to be a homeowner but cannot in any way get an idea as to what new things you could keep your hands busy, then it might be the perfect time for you to grow bonsai plants at home.

The art of Bon Sai originated in Asia but is practiced by many homeowners and plant lovers worldwide. What is quite fascinating about bonsai trees is that the seeds used to plant these miniature trees are just the same with the ones which grow to their full size. It is the proper trimming and nurturing that makes ordinary trees into cute and elegant bonsai plants. If you want to grow a bonsai plant of your own that you can place in any fitting part of your home, then the following steps will take you to achieving this feat.

The first step in growing a bonsai plant is choosing the tree species you would want to cultivate, relative to the climate conditions in your place or region. For example, if you live in a tropical region with hot climate and you would want to grow a bonsai idoors, you may choose among Jade, Olive Trees, and Snow Rose. If on the other hand you prefer growing bonsais outdoors, then deciduous trees (those which shed their leaves) such as Elms, Oaks and Crabapples can be good choices. Coniferous trees (those which bear cones) are also good choices and they inclide Pines, Cedars and Juinpers. But whether which of these you would prefer, be sure to verify that the species you are to choose could grow to full size in your region.

The second step in growing bonsai trees out from seeds is a long yet rewarding process. Depending on the tree species, it would take up as much as 5 years until the end result could be achieved. However, may homeownsers still prefer this method because seeds are quite cheap compared to trimmable ones sold on stores. In order for your seed to become a strong and healthy tree, you must soak it overnight just prior to planting them in a loam with the proper nutrient and water composition. Once it finally sprouts, you must nurture it with the needed amount of sunlight, temperature and water to make it strong and healthy for training. However, if you have the financial capacity to buy pretrained ones, you may opt for the latter choice.

The second stage in growing a bonsai tree is to keep it strong and healthy. This entails serious dedication because trees are delicate creations too. Depending on the species, you must see to it that you have the proper knowledge to protect them against change in seasons, give them the proper light and shading, and keep them away from external danger such as animals.

The third step in growing a bonzai tree could be the most exciting stage for homeowners since it is the time when they will have to train the tree. Training includes bending trunk and branches, and pruning and trimming of branches and leaves. Knowing where and when to bend, prune and trim is a very essential step to successfully growing a bonsai tree.

2014-01-17 The Art Of Bon Sai Steps In Growing Bonsai Trees At Home

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